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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grace in a graceless world

Oh! What has the world come to, men killing fellow beings in the name of religion, men ruthless, wicked and evil, mercilessly killing innocent fellow beings because they believe that it will give them salvation and heaven, is that what God wants? God the creator of all, God the sustain-er, God the compassionate and loving one, the merciful one; does He delight in the blood of humans, does He need the life of His own beings as sacrifice? Does He check our love and commitment to Him by demanding the blood of another human being who is also His creation? Does the all powerful God need our defense and protection? If one claims to be standing for “Peace” then why killing, rape, beheading, destruction and mayhem.  Tell me how does that bring “Peace”? History has proven undoubtedly over and over that violence begets only violence.
God is loving, He is compassionate and merciful and He does not require an eye for an eye, He does not ask us to hate those who do not follow our path, He does not need our help in establishing His kingdom if we say that He is all powerful.
 What God requires from us is Love, Forgiveness and Mercy. He wants us to forgive those who wrong us, show kindness to others and help those who are suffering. It takes more power and inner strength to show the other cheek when someone hits us on one cheek.  It takes “Grace” and what the world needs more than anything now is Grace – No one deserves it but we still give it because we freely received it from God.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Prize - Under Pressure

"Every 4 years, the whole world stops to witness what Pele calls the Beautiful Game."

With 3 billion fans worldwide, football is the most popular sport in the world.

Millions dream of playing in the World Cup, but only a few will every realize that dream. For anyone gifted enough to represent their country, the pressure is tremendous.

In this exciting brand new short film, follow the journeys of Ricardo Kakà, Cacau, Jacob Mulenga, Eyong Enoh, and Brad Guzan to discover how they deal with the pressures of football and life.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

What India needs?

What India needs is not more of hatred, communal-ism, divisions, factions, riots and bloodshed based on religion, caste and color, nor more of scandals running to unbelievable and astronomical amounts or rupees but what it needs is development, mutual understanding, mutual respect, love and harmony. What it needs is not more rhetoric on religious fundamentalism nor more leaders who are criminals, mass murderers, rapists, power hungry, hatemongers who spew the venom of hatred and violence in order to keep us divided baying for each others blood and they being successful in harvesting the votes so that they can rule over us with disdain, but what India needs is true leaders who have integrity at their core, who are humble to serve others and the country than themselves, who do not preach anti-corruption but live it out, who are not just 'common men' for the sake of the media but common and ordinary day in and day out, who have the inclusive development and progress of the country as their driving passion and vision.

What we need is leaders who can rise above the ordinary and realize the basic human rights of millions of people- to overcome the degradation of crippling poverty, to live dignified lives, that every child in India will have a chance to be educated, that every person can earn a livelihood, to be respected and treated equally irrespective of gender or caste, to be heard and informed, to improve the quality of life, to contribute to the building of the nation meaningfully. What India needs is not more of freebies and subsidies, not more of reservations and corruption at every level  but what it needs is consistent development on key growth factors like health, infrastructure, agriculture, industry with utmost human ethics and morality in place. What India needs is not more of the MNC's and billionaires getting richer but the millions of poor getting adequate wealth through meaningful means of engagement and the marginalized and oppressed being brought to the mainstream.

What India needs is visionary leader's who can galvanize every Indian to achieve their maximum potential for the greater good of the country not leaders who promise to deliver the moon on a platter if elected to power but will even snatch that platter away once they come to power. What India needs is people who are true at their core, who are trust worthy because of who they are; not voracious wolfs in sheep's clothing who run propaganda machines to project themselves as "good and development oriented" but in reality rotten at their core. But alas we deserve this because we do not speak up, we are not wiling to change, we are happy with the status-quo as long as we are safe and our selfish  interests and progress are met.

 It is time we the common man speak up and speak out and engage and be the change so that our country will be transformed. Our vote is valuable, it matters how we cast it, let us choose wisely, Vote responsibly and above all let us join our hands in Prayer beseeching the Lord to bring the right people to power, people who are just, who have integrity, who are God fearing and willing to serve the masses of this country.